What is a Virtual Assistant? What can you Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

You may be asking “What is a Virtual Assistant and how can hiring one help me?”.

Keep reading and find out………

Do you find you are spending invaluable time trying to keep up with your INBOX?

Are you trying to do everything yourself?

Is your business taking over your life instead of giving you an opportunity to spend more time with people you love – doing things you love?

When you became an entrepreneur it was probably with the idea that you could have a FLEXIBLE lifestyle.  Work when you want and on your schedule.  Sleep late (my personal favorite).  Travel.  Etc…….

Then reality sets in and  you have 1000 unread emails in your INBOX.  You fall behind posting your financials to your accounting system. Your customers/clients have questions and you don’t have time to answer them.  Your social media accounts are quiet because you don’t have time to post anything.

As the nuts and bolts tasks of your business begin to take over your time, you find you have less and less opportunity to work on the part of the business that you love.  Creating new products.  Coaching clients.  Etc.  You also don’t have time for any business growth activities.

You know you need HELP but you don’t want to hire an employee and provide benefits, pay taxes, etc.  A Virtual Assistant could be just the answer.  As a 1099 contractor, you do not have any of those responsibilities.


What is a virtual assistant?

Using a VA (Virtual Assistant) in your business, can get you help with the tasks that are weighing you down and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

A VA can work with you and your budget to come up with a plan that is a WIN-WIN for both parties.

Each VA is different but in general you can set up a contract where you pay by the task, the hour or establish a monthly contract.  A monthly contract allows the most flexibility while establishing a consistent budget.  You will use your contract to define min/max hours and tasks to be performed.  As long as you adhere to the guidelines of the contract, the schedule/tasks can be changed during the month as business priorities change.

It’s easy to think “why should I pay for a VA when I can just do it myself?”.

Consider it as an INVESTMENT in your business.  You and your VA can form a true partnership.

IMAGINE how much more money your business can make when…..

  • your emails are answered daily
  • your financials are up to date
  • customer service needs are met in a timely manner
  • social media accounts are kept active

These are just a few examples of how a VA can help.

JUST THINK….you will be free to build your business, travel, spend time with friends/family and all those things you THOUGHT you would be able to do when you started your own business.  YAY!!

Check out my HIRE ME page to see examples of tasks and costs.

I would love to discuss your business needs and how I can be of help.



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